A warranty no other Hardscaping™ company offers.

EP Henry is the FIRST and ONLY company to warranty both its Hardscaping products and the installation. FREE. Just choose EP Henry product and one of our trustworthy EP Henry Authorized Hardscaping Contractors® and we’ll make the whole process worry-free, from inspiration to installation.*

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We believe that the best WARRANTY is the one you never have to use, which is why we build quality into every product. Still, EP Henry provides a Lifetime Warranty on the structural integrity of our paving stones and wall systems for residential use as well as a 3 year installation warranty.*

At no cost to you, EP Henry will replace paving stones and wall system products whose structural integrity is found to be defective under normal use, only if properly installed according to EP Henry standards and guidelines.

At the completion of your project, CLICK HERE to complete the Lifetime Warranty Form to register for your Lifetime Warranty. You'll receive information on the care of your product along with an EP Henry medallion and the added assurance that your installation is covered, too.

            Did you know that...         

                                For every project installed with EP Henry Hardscaping products, EP Henry will make a HeroScaping® contribution in your name to one of the two following military organizations.


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*Homeowners must register their project through EP Henry Project Services® and utilize an EP Henry Authorized Hardscaping Contractor