EP Henry Hardscaping Testimonials

"The style, beauty and sound structure of our patios and fire pit have added beauty, value, and endless enjoyment to our outside living. Everyone is amazed at how beautiful it is."
Bill & Gail W., Homeowners, Myerstown, PA
"We weren't sure about pavers for a front porch but it completed changed the look of our house and we love the finished product!"
Tim Jayne, Homeowner, Pitman, NJ
"Our EP Henry pavers bring personality and exceptional beauty to our outdoor living space."
Michael Lapham, Homeowner, Reading, PA
"We love the texture of the cast veneer stone. It looks natural for our region. The morning sun casts a great shadow texture across the fireplace that is just beautiful."
Frederick S., Homeowners in Carlisle, PA
"This was a great addition for spending time outdoors with family and friends."
Peter M., Homeowner, Medford, NJ
"We use EP Henry products around all our pool installations because of the great quality and outstanding service we receive from our Authorized EP Henry distributor. We have been an EP Henry authorized installer for over 10 years and find EP Henry to preform much better than the competition."
Tim W., Contractor in PA
"We wouldn't use anything but EP Henry products. I believe in them, my contractor believes in them. It was the best choice we could have made."
Tony P., Homeowner, Yardley, PA
"We are very happy with this project. It made our backyard complete."
Dayne and Dave P., Homeowners in Freehold, NJ
"Thank you for your help with finding a Hardscaping Contractor. We were unsure where to start since there are so many landscapers in the area. You made the process a lot easier."
Erick C., Homeowner
"The EP Henry pavers have transformed our patio beyond recognition. We could not be happier!"
Timothy S., Homeowner, Medford, NJ
"The designed paver walkway really enhanced the entrance to our home."
Joseph P., Homeowner in Frankford, DE
"I'm very pleased with the EP Henry I to I team and all of their efforts they took to find the right contractor for the job."
Don H., Maryland
"EP Henry's Eco™ Pavers provide a paved surface that drains and a storm water solution; all in one. Let's not forget the great aesthetic value to paving with EP Henry products, available in a variety of color blends and textures."
"You can't imagine what a transformation his made. End result, a home I look forward to coming home to everyday."
Jason B., Homeowner in Dublin, PA
"We are very happy with the look and installation. We would highly recommend the use of these products in any application."
Bob D., Homeowner in Voorhees, NJ
"We had our 17 year old patio cleaned and sealed with Seal 'n Lock by Laztek Customs and the difference is quite literally unbelievable. I've made a habit of hosing my pavers off frequently to keep them clean, but the dirt they pulled out was mind blowing.  Then they topped my pavers with Seal 'n Lock Super Wet and the color pops like BRAND NEW. It's incredible! I can't thank them enough."
Gary T, Cicero, NY - Homeowner
"My EP Henry Authorized Hardscaping Contractor and his crew did a tremendous job installing the EP Henry Terrace Wall in our backyard. The wall looks great and and is a worthwile addition, with its pewter blend color and lights under the wall caps and under each step."
William D. - Homeowner
"With our sincere gratitude we would like to thank the EP Henry for the work that was recently done at our home. As part of their continuing support of our country, military and veterans, EP Henry revamped our patios as a thank you to my husband for his service. Our backyard consisted of three different patios all made of your block that were in desperate need of TLC. The EP Henry team did an outstanding job of making our outside area look brand new!"
John & Peggy G. - Homeowners
"Our patio looks fabulous after having a certified EP Henry Certified Sealing Specialist treat it with Seal 'n Lock. Our patio is 16 years old and sealing has made such a huge difference. We love it and will recommend it to all our neighbors and friends."
Debra C - Homeowner
"When I remodeled my home it was not complete until the patio and driveway were done with EP Henry. It changed the look and functionality completely. I am now doing my shore house."
Harold Budman, Homeowner in Cinnaminson, NJ
"EP Henry Coventry Wall III went together so easily. The block thickness is extremely consistent, even when using a 3'-6' blend. EP Henry got it right on this one."
David Bonza - Bonza Landscaping
"ECO Pavers provide a paved surface that drains and a storm water solution; all in one. Let's not forget the great aesthetic value to paving with EP Henry products, available in a variety of color blends and textures."
Steve M., Contractor - Tussey Landscaping
"Seal 'n Lock really is an amazing product & process. Kudos to EP Henry and the innovators - we are enjoying working with a superior product!"
Casco Patio - Bromall, PA
"EP Henry's products - and in particular for me, their Coventry Wall - are the best looking and easiest to install on the market today."
Rock Solid Hardscaping - Contractor in MD
"Whenever I got to a point where I didn't know what to do, I'd go back to EP Henry's website to do more research or watch an online tutorial."
Blaine T. - Homeowner
"Without a doubt, the best value in manufactured veneer stone on the market today. The highest quality product at a great price-point, EP HENRY'S CVS not only provides tremendous savings over natural stone, but also measurable savings over the better manufactured lines out there."
R. Deacon and Sons, Contractor in Westville, NJ
"My overall experience with EP Henry Financing was really great. Their rep answered all my questions and once we decided to use the program, the contractor received his money quickly and we didn't have to worry about the hassle of writing checks or using credit cards. It was a great alternative."
Cole S. - Homeowner in VA
"We are an exclusive EP Henry Distributor because EP Henry is the BEST in its Marketplace. With a large variety of styles and colors they have every Hardscape Product you need to build that perfect Outdoor Living Area. Remember, "EP Henry is Hardscaping."
Tussey Mountain Mulch, Distributor, Western PA
"From product, to design, to delivery, to installation, EP Henry was involved on almost a daily basis. They bent over backwards to make sure we were happy, and as a result, we are completely satisfied customers!"
Dennis S - Drexel Hill, PA
"EP Henry's CVS product is the most realistic manufactured stone we have ever installed. The quality of stone veneer industry-wide has improved tremendously in the last decade or so but EP Henry has taken it to the next level. The vast variery of shapes and sizes makes it the easiest stone we have ever installed. The coloring and texture is so natural it is impossible to tell the difference from the real thing."
Green Horizon Landscape - Contractor in Central PA
"EP Henry's products - and in particular for me,
their Coventry Wall - are the best looking and
easiest to install on the market today."
Craig N., Contractor in Bel Air, MD